Hot prepared foods all day every day

Chicken Parmesan. $5.00 each
Meatballs and sauce. $8.99 per lb
Veal Parmesan $5.00 each
Pasta in marinara sauce. $3.99 per lb
Pepperoni bread. $3.99 each
Italian or sausage calzone. $5.99 each
Italian sausage. $8.99 per lb
Sliced gyro meat. $8.99 per lb
Homemade marinara sauce. $3.99 per pint
$5.99 per quart

We also feature a rotating selection of daily specials as well.
Such as….

Homemade soups
Joey’s chili
Zucchini pasta in red sauce or garlic olive oil
Double-meat lasagna
Eggplant Parmesan
Nona Rosa’s meatloaf
Prosciutto Mac n’ cheese
Hot sausage-stuffed hot peppers
Cheese ravioli in marinara sauce
Italian roast beef au jus
Italian-seasoned roasted redskin potatoes

Just to name a few….

Please call for availability on these items or friend us on Facebook for periodic postings